Hualien Wow Hostel located in Hualien City and a 2 minute walk from Hualien train Station, which is remodeled by an old hotel with 35 years history. Hualien Wow Hostel provides not only accommodation but also a communication space. The hotel owner executes travel experience and love the nature in life who create a place with "Green, Thoughtful, and Temperature”.

From public space to the room design are environmentally and vintage industrial concepts. Travelers who love heavily design will fall in love with Hualien Wow Hostel.

We believe travelers come to Hualien are main for good scenery. However, we have 7 priceless endowed scenes in Hualien at every staircase corner which is our fantastic decoration. Hualien Wow Hostel expects to provide travelers with the “WOW” spirit which means when visit Hualien Wow Hostel that is visiting Hualien. As long as Hualien Wow Hostel that provide the travelers with a good travel memory.

At last, we also hope to bring features of Taiwan’s nature environment and traditional enthusiasm culture to travelers in the world. Travelers can be acquainted with beauty of Taiwan, recommend Taiwan and convey the “WOW” spirit –“ fresh, sharing, eco-friendly” to everywhere in the world.